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The mid-air scare
From the very beginning
Jobs - Lost, Changed or Gained
Tasks for the new government Virulent, but not quite ration From Gungi Gudiya to Iron Lad TN – agglomerate land holdings Marching towards Centenary Music loses a maestro Myth & Reality A single market for electricit CII projects higher growth… Poor quality of university VCs Food for all When small is no larger beauti The Jan Dhan bonanza The unreal estate Radiant Rajasthan... Algebra to algorithms and anal More Shakthi to Das’ elbow Padma Bhushan for A Ramakrishn Things happen by accident and The opportunity to grow is her The people’s person Chaos at Chettinad house Multi-party contests, more fre Vijay Mallya – the Strip-tease Sweet news for TN sugar mills Sivaraman, 100 Give fridges and washing machi A HOUSING REVOLUTION? India’s Master Builder… PR person par excellence The pioneer crosses another la Promise of a productive year An unhealthy adversarial rela Heartening news to heart patie An enemy’s enemy is a friend Light at the end of the tunnel VV Goes... Elections: Democracy Drama Changing horizons.... From Park to Crowne A challenge and an opportunity He excels in the nuts and bolt Editor's Notes When business flocks to MP... A 5-6 per cent growth is given Why this malaise in medical ed Permanent secretariat for TN G The uncivil non-civil servant. Why no MEGA Central investmen Takeover tycoons... The honest Sardarji The Chinese model for rail dev You too T M Krishna? Adapt Vajpayee dinner diplomac The Brit connection continues TATA STEEL MARCH Naidu will soon build a new Hy Little for development The Rajha of Rajapalayam... Time for Action He kindled interest in science To be or not to be Modi in Washington Quality silica from Neyveli Not just in-laws (and outlaws) The king goes fishing while th Polls and promises Welcome move to widen the tax Gujarat has 2200km gas grid, Algebra to algorithms and anal The rise and fall of the Madra Jobs - Lost, Changed or Gained He contributed so much to the Why no MEGA Central investmen Maximising the micro pricing … Why throw baby with bath water Welcome focus on Disinvestment A strong diversified base to b Power play An informal presentation - ana Algebra to algorithms and anal Babes In the wood-RBI North bl Why this gross under-performan Star of the South It takes two to tango 65 per cent of future jobs don Shaming of Tamils by Tamil far Need for structural reforms Insurance companies bleeding, ‘Big ideas’ of Modi… HMIL helped India emerge a lar Adharma of opposition politics Readers' Mail 65 per cent of future jobs don Welcome effort to restore disc Fast - track railways to prosp Applauding enterprise... High Expectations An inexplicable neglect LOT CAN BE DONE THROUGH THE PP Little surplus after salaries, The ‘doles’ society The motor sportsman is no mor Repeat 1991– work on a growth Pharma – overdose of copying Randor Guy spins a yarn TN accounts for the largest r Two welcome measures from the TN budget - little leeway for Recognition to role of NBFCs.. Metro Rail in Chennai, High Ex Funding the un-funded M K Kumar – a tribute He took space science to such A C Muthiah – his munificent b Should Chennai shut out the IP It’s raining investments… Blunt parting shot A proud Madrasi The deluge and the several k No deficit financing here! Reduce emissions, increase fue Down Memory Lane: S Nithya Ka TN accounts for the largest re No mega rail project for Tamil Virulent, but not quite ration Drive ahead, the road is well- Paytm karo... India bites the BULLET South America can help in Indi A Gandhian breathes his last o Union Budget 2017- It says, le Towards speedy justice Breaking news or breaking cred Remembering Indira Sivasailam Know the Pulse CSR and CMI: promise of anothe UII tops in premium growth Global auto technology Congres Changing face of Bhiwadi In distant 1967, the state was A sun-rise industry turning s Come elections, come advertise Maha merger – a beginning They don’t have to die EEC at the National Media Cent Welcome improvements in coal p Recalling the birth of Mobile Nissan exit shouldn’t affect A State of the States PPP mode for upgrading Corpora Healthy finances of the Chenna B H Kothari - a tribute No Maha Koottani in TN... TIAM turns a full cycle Reform this licence to…kill The sea change Technology revolution that’ll Doubling food Output- 500 MT b Operational efficiency will bo A welcome biography on a tower IAS invades NDDB... Fall in crude prices help in Breaththrough in malaria contr The national power grid at las Middle class morality… Case for phasing out LPG subsi Media’s Modi phobia... The Hero of bicycles rests in Jaya Walks Into the Sunset OPS It indeed is attractive for in Sluggish growth in employment Singur minus Nano – victory or Well-refined – RIL’s refinery Tatas moving out of urea produ Promise of quantum growth Make standards certification m Coming up: a BRICS currency? TN to suffer serious loss When feedstock change worked h Global auto technology Congres Like Hinduism: many paths to Three million parts per month Welcome euphoria over the east Fear of bankruptcy, liquidatio A gratifying record Land, land everywhere, but... Ten minute Mahabharata Delhi is distant L&T: focus on infrastructure a Sugar as a byproduct of sugar Road development slows down Marching Towards Navratna Light at the end of the tunnel Science with social purpose TN-leverage strength of BHEL, Where is Rajaji? He breathes cyber security It’s raining funds for states. ‘Sai’ Srinivasan no more Dr C Rangarajan returns to Che R Desikan – the crusader of co Focus on increasing ethanol pr Poor representation for Kerala Purdue and IIT-M sign the dott The power-full Hindujas Will ‘print’ survive online o Union Budget 2017- It says, le TGS- The king storyteller The king goes fishing while th In the horns of a dilemma Land scams rock AP & TS Chennai airport in a STRAIT J West Bengal: mindless malignan Farmer’s Friend Trail-blazing Tamil Nadu It’s about life and death Amma cement at 190; but ‘Ayyo’ Happy focus on Happening Harya Why no MEGA Central investmen Who took India to the brink? Shipping woes of Chennai compa Revving up the manufacturing s Nuclear power at the nucleus TNPL - geared towards future GM Technology at last! Modi and the lady Focus on quality and continuo How adroitly GR walked with g Measuring roof tops in terms o He performed every type of sur Revive development banks... Muffled voices for merit… Fuel for thought Cement prices continue to rise The few handicaps... CSR, tech revolution and bank Delhi is distant… Between the cup and the lip Reform funding political parti BJP - the unifying force (of o Don’t seem to feel the pulse… Welcome Measures. Work for 10X Of diversity and inclusion High sugarcane prices crush in For whom the MIDS bell tolls? Deora – the best networked po Russi Mody – a tribute Another Indian music maestro a Bihar – Nitish Kumar adopts th More lustre to leather: 70 yea There was flood of milk. Reaso CII projects higher growth… A think tank for Chennai They don’t have to die Online not in line with brick Eternal support for capitalisa Medical costs hit the roof... Huge under-recoveries continue UNION BUDGET 2013-Baby Steps Delhi returns to BJP VK guides National College tow Call for INNOVATION, for R&D New Chennai Terminal: Next reg Dr M G K Menon Pearl city to port city F C Kohli - his concerns all e Convulsions in The Hindu AAP - change from street fight A yen for wastage… Father of German unification n Kudos to NDTV... When Ratan Tata visited SRM Cho Ramaswamy – Multifaceted When comes such another! Align crops to agro climate en Mr. PM, bite the bullet... An unhealthy collision course Bonanza in locked lands From heavy chemicals to health Sardar Sarovar – the seventy y Between the bang and the whimp The myth and malaise of MRP Welcome continuation of the re Tatas moving out of urea produ When SPIC spawned star manager From the toughest to the best Shanti and Sadhana through Mus Nuggets on MGR at Brooklyn Ho Research for results - A uniq When fertilizer production shi Sri Lanka votes for change CRS, a jewel among managers, i Speed up the railways MY LOVE FOR AGRICULTURE Welfare, more welfare Weaving knowledge and wealth Delhi Chalo... Imperative to take states alon Innovators all! And in such d The elusive, much needed singl ‘High speed’ diplomacy... A plan to double food output A welcome initiative-even crit Focus on self-certification an Well-lived... Put expensive assets created t The critical case of pulses in to the lack of interest on the Convulsions in commerce chambe The Rajha of Rajapalayam... Demonetisation deconstructed. Odisha: spectacular win by Nav Bihar elections - the Rajaji f This trendsetter is no more From necessity to luxury Reliance’s TV – 18 ready to la Licence to kill State Elections: Mid-summer ma Student power to the fore ‘Cycle’ rides into the sunset Should cement be priced in TN Protest masters... A honest bank executive... The time for it is now The opportunity to grow is her Moily’s bold thrust 30% of turnover and 50% of pro Business wanted Modi as PM. It Windfall in locked lands Back on track... For whom Chennai airport toil A cess for new rail tracks A friendly business group Rahul coronated A historic indirect tax reform TN to suffer serious loss Hand composing to desk top pub A ruse to protect western airl The opportunity to grow is her LMW: Spinning Success... There’s quantity; but we need SoA @ 80 Master of strokes Banning booze... He took public sector to comma Double standards continue... Making a BOLD imprint... Knitting for the globe To make companies TN their hom Corporation and corporates sho Intellectual of rare qualities Mr Ashok Leyland... Know the Pulse Politician – business nexus Ooh la la... Corruption institutionalised; Insure your way forward Flying High? The myth and malaise of MRP Go for a One Power India A glass full of corruption Airlines in India: cost and sp He saved millions from starvat Breaking news or breaking cred TATA STEEL MARCH Standup, scientists The brown revolution… How Chennai missed the bus? (r Corruption institutionalised; Piped gas a pipe dream A ruse to protect western airl Multi-faceted... The why of tax incentives Make way for Make in India... Parliament in paralysis... Tamil Nadu : 50 Years of Dravi IE completes 47 years... A blueprint for the future TN - so much to offer... Secularism and anti-Hinduism ONGC at KG Basin Inflation: are we emulating A A gratifying record... R Sridhar steps down as CEO of Salem steel plant faces brittl Kalinga Plant ready to ROLL Power Problems Powerful Proble S V Raju – a ‘good’ true liber TCS - what a frenetic pace of Open letter to citizens Will the many departures be ac Cleaning Ganga – relocate tann Silver Years of Madras Musings The numismatist newsman Electricity finance reform at New Chennai Terminal: Next reg Lalu’s envy, India’s pride Streamlining mandatory third Telangana in top gear… Star from the South Yellow and red cards Power Problems Powerful Proble Air Asia India will set new be TN lost several Tata projects… Mango Diplomacy Ganesh’s mantras Welcome thrust on trade in Mod Physician, cure thyself… He took Kone to great heights… More Shakti to resource mobili The Indian punch to global FM Entering the 50th year… Brexit that would reverse the Five star activism stalls deve Kudos to GIM organisers... Colour-Chem’s colourful KRVS PR Person Par Excellence Transport S Narayanan Dr Stefan Weckbach: FTA will h Breakthrough Budget Sustainability and technology Jaya Walks Into the Sunset OPS When TN politicians can emulat Those kindly souls…. BJP’s one man army... A versatile legend moves on Plans to channelise CSR funds Trail-blazing Tamil Nadu It is Excellent, Novel and Rad Cleansing a corrupt system… Flute falls silent A Grand Finale for SN’s MS cen Chronicling change through six BJP can now hasten its thrust Small is no longer beautiful Fortune 500 review When buildings get taller Sweeter prospects for sugar Much can be done by us Between the bang and the whimp Discoms deserve better… When nations steal growth from Cutting the nose to spite the The rise, fall and rise of Nissan exit shouldn’t affect A Easing the environment for doi Quality silica from Neyveli Bitter state of the sweet sec Big Bang investments by Relia The pleasure flotilla…. Book your suburban train ticke Rs.1600 crore paper board plan The nuclear option You too T M Krishna? Research for survival... PC is a lawyer; he can’t be im Risk must cover the ‘burning c TN can leverage NLC’s strength Focus on quality of power - it The balancing act Negative photo finish: Mauled Welcome Measures. Work for 10X A house a day... Babes In the wood-RBI North bl Yen for research and developme No engine for this car Centurion ‘Leo’ rests in peace Welcome changes that testify t The ‘Q’ factor cost him Cabine Randor Guy spins a yarn Scientists, please raise your The city never sleeps A versatile, humane and effici Demonnetisation or demonisatio India bites the BULLET Should Chennai shut out the IP Focus on southern TN... Another Leo of real estate and More from less works well at T Where a state respects its lit Samskrt loses a passionate exp Plummeting profits of PSBs Dynamic pricing is so destruct ‘E’ for enterprise Ooh la la... An eventful week with VVIPs of Economic, business and social A Grand Finale for SN’s MS cen Silver Years of Madras Musings If not Tamil Nadu, where else? The rise and fall of Annamalai Spectacular surges in surface BHEL – R&D and image building A Hanuman jump for R&D efforts Gujarat model for port develop Samarapungavan and Sankarabhar A statue for RV, at last! Why land prices zoom in TN? Development depends on land av 250 days of Modi government Chronicling change through six An eventful week with VVIPs of Smile Salem :) Godspeed, Chief Minister JJ When the judiciary is hyper ac Bonanza in locked lands... Computation of GDP – conundrum The Ports’ Pasha expands into Infrastructure funding – lesso The 3 Loves of RT The Gulf aviation boom Policy Makers Of course, Gujarat is vibrant Research for results - A uniq A good idea. It can turn sour Where is Rajaji? Two welcome indications on chi This constant urge to grow... Making ‘my Amaravati’... Deming awardees galore! A multi-faceted leader rests i PC’s preference for profession Green Jubilee for agricultural From heavy chemicals to health Technology for economic, rapid GI premium income to cross Rs With agriculture at its heart. IE enters 49th year… Focus on increased penetration Mr Ashok Leyland... Delhi is distant When the judiciary is hyper-ac MSV – the King of Light Music PM favours GM technology How Air-India loses customs... Preserving for the future Between the bang and the whimp For whom Chennai airport toils Kanchi Mutt should resume focu Online not in line with brick Tap the big land resource Spate of disinvestments by pri Where businesses fund top res Increasing non co-operation of He elevated B&C to its best... Not just in-laws (and outlaws) China invests in India Global meets galore Power progress Textiles to pharma, real estat Travails and thrills... Welcome focus on core competen Has PC missed out on BIG BANG Align crops to agro climate en More tributes to GR Anachronism of Asian premium No Maha koottani in TN College of Engineering, Pune Land reclamation from sea appe Trade prospects promising Fortune for Indian Airlines More heat than light Marketing expert Balagopal is Need for more Salem steel waiting for its sh Skewed Economic Zones? 10-point programme Rajini can’t or can? Chennai and Kolkata miss oppor Well-administered State Aggressive TOI’s impacts The H Welcome focus to improve rura Dynamic pricing is so destruct Rajini can’t or can? Then ISB. Now arts and science The bank crisis... a housing revolution? BJP can now hasten its thrust ‘Hero’ rides into the sunset BJP in a spree of 'acquisitio PC is a lawyer; he can’t be im Liberal imports idling indigen A C Muthiah – a munificent beq Politician – business nexus The ‘Ayyo-yes’ is no more A doctor WHO dreamS AND DREAMS A rich pool of talent not util Selective lobby session with J Valli, they are more marginali Welcome GST From Pharaohs to the Arab Spri The doc who revolutionised med Service or dis-service Welcome focus on Disinvestment A silent revolution at Sowrip Multi-party contests, more fre Solar thermal shines… Naidu’s return augurs well for Alexa – Talking Wikipedia Doubling food output in ten ye DMK does it again Sholinganallur to Siruseri Building loyalty through the s A Fine division of responsibil A culture of R&D... Honest civil servant The scientist-engineer who luc Engineering seats go abegging Plummeting profits of PSBs Gay abandon in pricing Another Indian music maestro a Modi storms Silicon Valley The Chinese model for rail dev The two levels of reforms Scientist and leader of educa No comma for this ‘Kodi’ pathy There is potential to raise re A WATERSHED YEAR Lesson from Chandrababu Naidu Remembering SV Strengthen the base... Solar, solar everywhere … When the President was rendere L&T- the specialty of special New team at the helm at TANSTI Supreme Court clears Gas pipel When small is not so beautiful Renault unveils ‘game-changer’ Colour-Chem's colorful persona A great effort BJP, shift to south Auto components surge… South should focus on horticul A welcome initiative by the ju TELANGANA at last…BUT Jaya Ho A genius civil servant fades Drops of water make the mighty The affordable meals scheme KMC Mediville – A medical marv

S Viswanathan

Need for more

IN OUR JUNE issue, we had

Put expensive assets created to use...
TAMIL NADU has the reputation of attracting i
Piped gas a pipe dream
UNION BUDGET 2013-Baby Steps
Has PC missed out on BIG BANG REFORMS?


DMK does it again
The affordable meals scheme

New team at the helm at TANSTIA
BHEL – R&D and image building require more attention
An unhealthy adversarial relationship

At the Economic Editors’ Conference (EEC) 2012, I

Editor's Notes

Protest protests

In a highl


A 60-year struggle seems to have come to fruition. But

PC’s preference for professionals

So, Finance Minister P Chidambaram (PC) has opted again

Why this malaise in medical education?

Recently there was a detailed report in The Hindu on th

Engineering seats go abegging

The present stagnation in the job market has its direct

SoA @ 80

The grand old man of the accounting profession has turn

Flying High?

The recent relaxation of restrictions on investment nor

Revving up the manufacturing sector

For a couple of years now, there has been interest on t

Insurance companies bleeding, yet no decision on increasing FDI limit!


The rise and fall of Annamalai University

It required munificence and foresight to conceive and s

Cutting the nose to spite the face

On 24 October morning there was a grand CII event - The

Remembering Indira Sivasailam...

Mallika Srinivasan, Chairman & Managing Director of

Solar, solar everywhere …

There is a welcome thrust on solar power. It assumed sp

Road development slows down

Historically, the southern states have been known for t

Tap the big land resource

Power availability in Tamil Nadu has improved significa

Smile Salem :)

Samarapungavan and Sankarabharanam

My interest in the steel industry received big impetus

Open letter to citizens

Dear Citizens

You should vote for a stabl

A welcome initiative by the judiciary

A yen for wastage…

A decade ago, McKinsey report mentioned that a third of

Valli, they are more marginalised

More tributes to GR

There have been several references to my review of the

CRS, a jewel among managers, is no more.

Moily’s bold thrust

Secularism and anti-Hinduism

The same  day the Supreme Court upheld the appeal

Where a state respects its litterateurs…

I was  deeply impressed by the esteem and regard t

‘Big ideas’ of Modi…

BJP’s Prime Minister-designate Narendra Modi outl

The national power grid at last!

The long awaited and much delayed transmission link fro

Padma Bhushan for A Ramakrishna

IAS invades NDDB...

Come elections, come advertisements...

It is a constant tug of war between the Election Commis

Muffled voices for merit…

In the February issue of IE I referred to the disruptio

PM favours GM technology

IE has been suggesting sci

Yellow and red cards

Recently, the DMK’s

Ten minute Mahabharata

Little for development

Tamil Nadu budget for 2014-15 presented by finance mini

Between the bang and the whimper…

Nothing much could be expected of an administration in

Reduce emissions, increase fuel efficiency for sustainable mobility

When the President was rendered homeless…

Maximising the micro pricing …

Discoms deserve better…

The honest Sardarji

10-point programme

By the time this issue reaches your hands, polling woul

An enemy’s enemy is a friend

BJP never had a strong base in Tamil Nadu. Thus, the Dr

The balancing act

Strong state leaders like J Jayalalithaa, Mayawati, Mam

For whom the MIDS bell tolls?

A R Venkatachalapathy, officiating Director of Madras I

More heat than light

I remember one of the tenets of Hind Lever, that close

Imperative to take states along…

So, Narendra Modi has led BJP to a historical victory.

Modi and the lady

I see a parallel in the campaign strategies of J Jayala

Delhi returns to BJP

It was a clean sweep at Delhi; the BJP won all the seve

West Bengal: mindless malignancy

In West Bengal the Mamata Banerjee-led TMC won 34 out o

Russi Mody – a tribute

Russi Mody (RM), son of Sir Homi Mody, Governor of Bomb

Intellectual of rare qualities

Service or dis-service

What has been the role of media in the recent elections

Mr. PM, bite the bullet...

There is instinctive opposition to any and every new ta