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Bleeding Blue

You require about 59 runs in 10 overs with seven wickets in hand. At one point, that comes down to 37 with no further loss of a wicket. From there, you contrived to lose. Aside of South Africa, only India can manage to do that. Yet, the social media has gone to town with India’s performance. If you wondered aloud, you are anti-woman, anti-India, blah, blah and blah. 

All this is not to take away the phenomenal work put in by the Indian ladies. A look at their batting stance, their bowling action, the way they ran to field never gave you the impression that these were people from the fairer sex.  It was true of the English women as well; only they liked their men looked bigger and elder.  

If you forget the final, the Indian women did a stellar job. Mithali Raj, ever kissing a necklace in a manner that irritated you no end, was a Tendulkar. The Tamil speaking Indian has been playing since 1999 and looks good till the next cup. The Punjabi lady Harmanpreet Kaur did a Kapil Dev, albeit not in identical conditions. To watch a woman score that many runs that quickly was a revelation.  

Incidentally, if only the women had kept their cool, scoring one run on each ball, they would have romped home winner quite quickly. Veda Krishnamurthy and her ilk, however, were in a hurry for big hits. 

Anyway, the women in blue have done us proud and let’s doff our hat before them.   They are going to take home Rs 50 lakh each for their effort. 

The fact that they picked a lot of fans is also interesting. The fact that it was a full house was quite surprising. So it's no more just individual sports like badminton and tennis: We are also going to do well in team sports. 

Just a question, and I am not a male chauvinistic pig. Will this women’s team be good enough to beat a couple of state teams in a 50 over match!  That reminds me of how Gary Kasparov took a massive dig at women in chess. Until a 15-year-old young one called Judith Polgar burst on the scene to first beat Boris Spassky, then Viswanathan Anand before beating the legendary Kasparov and a little later the poker faced Anatoly Karpov.  True chess is a game of IQ while sports is a case of the physical quotient. It would be interesting to watch a game between a top women’s player and a top male player. 

Now, this takes me to a rather unrelated yet related topic.  People are slowly beginning to prove that age is at best a number. Tendulkar was in relatively top form when he quit at the age of 40. Roger Federer, 35, his soul mate, picked his 19th Slam at Wimbledon at an age that marked him the oldest winner in the Open era.  In the recent Wimbledon, Venus Williams almost won the ladies singles.  At 105, Fauja Singh stills runs the marathon. 

As an aside, Advani at 89 nurses ambitions of one day leading India, and MuKa 94 hopes to seat on the chief ministerial gaddi!

How about a male-female fight like in Dangal? Surely, Aamir Khan would be interested. If that’s too dramatic, let’s introduce two women in each IPL team. This will add not only color to the game, but also give them the much-needed experience.  

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