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The future is here
Dear Great GrandPa(GGP)
The world today is dramatically different from the world you lived in or even the world I grew up.

My grandma, your daughter, used to cook great dosas. Today cooking is for the uber-rich. The middle class lives on tablets. It isn’t that they are sick; just that there is one molecule for every type of food. It’s light on the purse. Frozen food has given way to molecules. Of-course people visit restaurants but it’s expensive. By the way, can you believe there are food-packets which have no expiry dates?

GGP, the “jeans” has survived. Calvin Rogers and Levi Strauss, who made the earliest jeans in 1873, should be complimented for conceiving a product that has survived 140 years. These days it is the cloth for all seasons and all occasions. The variety, if any, is in the shirts or the tops. Depending on the weather, the dress either cools up or cools down. Sweaters have gone out of fashion; and blazers are ornamental. As we grow older, the shirt grows bigger by itself. If my son wears the same shirt, it shrinks down. Dress colours automatically change with your mood. Dressing isn’t physical; a gesture of the hand will do. Women don’t wear jewels.

GGP, no one lives in concrete houses. You know something? A house can be redone, yes redone, at choice, week on week, as they are built on the modular concept. You can CKD (Completely Knock Down) the home, wrap it in a box, take it from Madrasapattinam to Dilli or to Donedone (ha! you folks called it London) and re-assemble it there. Homes have sensors. At the anointed time breakfast is readied by a robot, the house is vacuum cleaned, you are bathed and the car auto drives the Missus to the nearby tea-kadai. The bloody robot can read you. When you feel hungry or the cleanliness level at the home goes down or when you suddenly decide to travel he steps in. Like that. 

You can buy an expensive gadget that allows for virtual transport. You can travel upto 10 km at a time in the blink of an eye. So, if you have to travel 1500 km it takes about 150 blinks. Vehicles do not need petrol; they run on air. Swanky cars are dead; the super-nanos are in. No traffic signals and no traffic cops. Cars talk to shops, buildings, and other cars; so there are no parking problems (and barking problems) and there are no accidents. The bicycle is the preferred mode of commutation. It can play 10,000 songs,it recognises fingerprint, can go on its own, and is lightweight. Many vehicles ply at 500 feet above the road. They can alternate between the road and the half sky based on traffic.

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