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To be or not to be
As the nation goes to poll, the question of whether one has a right not to vote is something that we need to ponder about.
 1Voting is an obligation.
Voting is a right, not an obligation.
Rule 49-O proves this. Further, after you have walked into the polling booth you can walk out telling the Polling officer that you don’t intend to vote.  That said, how can it be an obligation?
 2Those who don't vote are irresponsible.Those who vote and bring about bad governments should take the rap, not those who don’t vote.
By not voting one is making it clear that he doesn’t prefer any of the candidates.
 3If you don't want to vote for anyone you should select NOTA, None of the Above.When I don’t turn up I am actually selecting NOTA.
What’s the great point in turning up at the polling booth and saying NOTA when I could say the same sitting from my home or office?
 4By selecting NOTA you ensure nobody casts
your vote.
What’s the guarantee that when I turn up at the booth my vote is not already cast?
Plus if the State cannot ensure illegal votes, why bother with the process.
 5 Those who don't vote have no right to complain about the state of things. Those who vote have no right since they were party to bringing the position to a state of complaint.
Even otherwise, every citizen has a right to complain, whether he votes or not.
 6Don’t complain. If you don't like it join politics.Ridiculous.
If a cricket captain errs, as a cricket fan you do complain, despite not ever having played even book cricket.  Don’t we rant at the Finance Minister’s budget?
 7If there is online voting, may be all these non-voters would vote.Well, bring about online voting.
What’s stopping the process? If we can bring EVM why delay online voting?
 8Online voting will open up a Pandora’s boxStart the process now. Try it out in select constituencies. A country that prides of its technology talent should set the process going.
 9Boycotting elections is boycotting democracyNot voting is not boycotting. Boycotting happens when you fight against elections. So long as NOTA is there, it means one can choose not to vote for anyone.
 10Those who don't vote should be de-franchised.First let’s bring to the book those who have committed serious crime and then talk about those who choose not to exercise their right.
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