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Incubating innovation
IIT-Madras Research Park has the distinction of incubating companies which provides cutting edge technologies that would address the daily needs of a common man.

Starting from Solar  inverter-less technology to smart electric scooter, the incubated companies have gone beyond their comfort zones and produced excellent solutions. Here is a short list of great innovations:

Smart friend for your ride – The Smart Electric Scooter by Ather Energy is far more different from other electric scooters. A smart dashboard on Android platform enables navigation and the vehicle control unit monitors and customises all vehicle parameters based on rider usage profile. Immortal battery pack that is designed to be lighter by a third and smaller than the current battery packs will charge up over a lunch break and will be virtually immortal. With vertical integration in design, they are building their own chassis, suspensions, lithium ion battery packs and battery management systems.

Powering homes renewably – Cygni is another innovative incubator that strives to offer energy at a much lower cost for both homes and businesses. The product range includes DC ceiling fans, DC LED tube lights, DC mobile chargers, DC LED bulbs, DC air-conditioners and DC refrigerators. Cygni envisions a future where the energy to power our lives is produced close to home by renewable sources and delivered through smart systems.

Saving lives from gas leakages – Gas leakage is one among the deadly household accidents. DeTect Technologies offers solutions for predicting these leakages and also for detecting them if they occur. The sensors can be used as part of a monitoring system that would continuously monitor pipeline integrity in critical high temperature processes and warn operators if a pipeline’s corrosion limit crosses the critical point or developed a defect.

Scanners, scanners... Dhvani Research offers inspection, automation and software solutions. Tank Annular Plate Scanner, Corrosion Under Pipe-support Scanner, Critical Region Inspection Scanner for Pipes, Turnkey Automated Scanning System, Ray Based and Ultrasonic Simulator are some of the unique solutions offered by Dhvani Research.

Virtual reality systems, haptics – Merkel Haptics (MHS) has created a portfolio of virtual reality systems and haptics. MHS is developing new haptic devices that add high-fidelity virtual reality based training systems. The company is providing virtual reality based solutions to medical training needs, specifically with haptics feedback.

Skilling youth – To equip the skillset of a fresher, Skill Angels offers training for students at college level, school level and also for corporate employees. Personalised learning, Build your Career and Growth in Career are some of its products. Some of the prospective clients of Skill Angels include Polaris, Lister Technologies, Texmo, GRG Matriculation School and Kaar Technologies.

Under water analysis - Analysing and surveying on land is different from the one done underwater. Planys Technologies has come up with one such innovation. Let us say, a ship or a submarine is submerged in water in order to inspect the damage caused and the condition of the immersed object and Planys’ underwater vehicle inspects all these without human interference.

Monitors growth, offers corrections – Since the break of the Green Revolution  in the 1960s, there has been large increase in the use of insecticides and pesticides. While we produced more in terms of numbers, the side effects mounted along. The trend continues. As a solution Airwood monitors production, offers early warnings on low productive zones, potential pest, disease or nutrient deficiencies, affordable nutrient estimation, water estimation and expert advice on crops.

Fibre laser technology – Unilumen Photonics is offering fibre laser technology solutions for material marking and cutting, bio-engineering and defence sectors. Technology solutions also include packaging, testing and characterisation of components and subsystems that are incorporated into fibre lasers. The company is looking to develop indigenous technologies for the defence sector.

Training by robots – With a vision to building an ecosystem for emerging technologies by providing support to stakeholders like student community, educational institutions and the industry, Lema Labs offers robotic training for professionals as well as students.

Healthcare anywhere and everywhere – To  consolidate all the medical services DocsApp is developed as a platform that would let you book lab tests at home, medical and healthcare products sitting at one place. Headed by a team of youngsters in both healthcare and technical domain who are looking to change the way healthcare services are delivered.

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